About Lox


Lox is an Australian luxury jewellery brand with a modern take on elegance. Headquartered in Sydney, Lox is one of the popular and trusted jewellery brands in Australia. At Lox, we promise quality, craftsmanship and purity to everyone. As one of the fastest growing brands, we ensure our ornaments are as elegant as we say they are in our brand slogan "Elegance In Every Way". 

Lox designs are not only for posh events, they are designed to be worn daily. Every collection is designed professionally by following our 'Made-To-Wear' idea. Our collections are designed to provide a feeling of luxury at a fair price.
At Lox, quality is the crown jewel and jewellery is not a product, but rather, a reflection of elegance.We ensure safe and secure jewellery purchase and accept different payment options.